Du, wir können über alles reden ...

(Marja) #1

Ein Ort für das, was keinen eigenen Thread braucht.

Gerade hinterließ ich einer Youtuberin folgenden Kommentar unter einem Video:

Oh my gooood!!! You won’t believe how excited I’m right now! freaks out I’ve searched so many years for the title of this game ;-[ I had only light memories of it and I know I’ve never completed it, but remembered how cool it looked and wanted to replay it so badly. And now I stumbled upon your channel for the first time, because I was looking for an “Eselmir” walkthrough - and by looking through your playlists I suddenly saw THIS!!! Yeah! FINALLY I KNOW THE TITLE! YIPIIEEEHHH!

Es geht um

9: The last resort