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Author of Famous “Cloudless Sky” Photo Used For Commodore 64 Desktop Image Dies Poor and Forgotten

(Von was für einem Foto sprechen die da? Konnte nix finden.)

Patreon und der Zustand des Spielejournalismus
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You missed the point, wie auch ich zunächst. Steht aber im Text.

“Entire generations grew up watching the famous blue screen of Commodore 64 computer. Many believed that the background was just artificially generated blue color, but this is not true. The photo of the sky was made near our house in 1980. On that day, Greg was driving when he saw the wonderful blue sky without a single cloud. He decided promptly to park his car, turned his camera towards the sky and took that, now legendary blue shade”, said Greg’s wife Wilma.

Will heißen, es geht um diesen Blauton im ‘Startbildschirm’:

“And that is something, you might not have known.” –Tom Scott

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EUROPA-Label Gründer Andreas E. Beurmann gestorben :frowning:

Hörspiel-Fans wird Andreas E. Beurmann unter anderem als Onkel Titus in „Die drei ???“ unvergessen bleiben. Bis noch vor wenigen Jahren lieh er dem Onkel der drei Kultdetektive seine Stimme.

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Seit es Die drei ??? bei Spotify gibt höre ich die in letzter Zeit wieder öfters zum Einschlafen - wie früher. :broken_heart:


Lionhead Studios Closed Today

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Die Spiele-Review-Seite Jay Is Games schliesst nach 13 Jahren.


Abandoned Arcades – The Long Goodbye

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Zwar keine reine Videospielwebseite, aber dennoch traurig: The Toast schließt aus finanziellen und emotionalen Gründen.

And we looked at our different options – running a lot more ads/generating a ton more content that’s pegged to The Cycle of News, trying to sell (which, in order to do, we’d probably have to go back and do that first thing), hiring replacements who were willing to take on our pretty intense workloads (which, you still don’t take a salary! Where were we going to find that extra salary?), and none of them seemed very good. Most of them would have necessitated turning The Toast into something we didn’t like, or continuing to work ourselves into the ground forever.

Ich speichere mir noch schnell einen meiner liebsten Texte der letzten Jahre als PDF ab: “Femslash Friday: Lara Croft

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A Final Notice Regarding The Arcade Review

I’m writing this post to make a very important notice, what will be our last notice, that The Arcade Review magazine will be closing down.

This means The Arcade Review will no longer be publishing any writing, and our website will be offline by the end of June.

Why is The Arcade Review Closing? To put it simply, I just don’t have the means to continue running it. For about a month we ran a Kickstarter for a seventh issue, of what would presumably have been our last big project, a sort of going-out party to celebrate the writing we do, in the best way we could: a plentiful, high-quality print. It failed quite spectacularly, which isn’t too surprising; the magazine was never very popular, it never had a large audience. But what that means is I no longer have any way to continue funding it. For the magazine’s lifespan, I’ve always been able to come up with new plans or schemes to keep us funded, but unfortunately I have to say I’ve officially run out of schemes. There’s no longer anything I can do.


Heute mal eine Auferstehung:

Spektakuläres Games-Comeback: Ab 1. Juli avanciert Boris Schneider-Johne zu Microsofts erstem Ansprechpartner für Deutschlands Entwickler-Studios und Publisher.


Letztes Jahr beim Bloggertreffen Boris Schneider-Johne gefragt, wieso er auf der Gamescom ist, obwohl er doch bei Microsoft nicht mehr mit Spielen macht und seine Antwort war ungefähr…



R.I.P. Götz :angel:


:latin_cross: Bud :muscle::punch::cry:




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