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Dieser Thread ist für Spiele, die auf Steam Greenlight einen Daumen nach oben suchen. Spiele, die per Crowdfunding Geld sammeln, kommen in “Kickstart this!”.
Ich mache diesen Thread übrigens auf, weil ich sonst befürchte, dass aus dem Kickstarter-Thread ein verwirrendes “Unterstützt das irgendwie!” werden könnte. :smiley:

Fangen wir mit “Coyriders - A driving game about unemployment, tourism and tenderness” von Vinzenz Raindeer an, weil, wenn ich das richtig verstehe, der gute @Dom irgendwie dran beteilligt ist?

"Why don’t you go on holiday for a while?"
Your employer Megacorps is bust. Time to readjust.
They give you the company car as compensation. You’re free to go wherever you like.
What will you do?
(There are no rebels to join.)

COYRIDERS is a PC game in the making that will fuse the mechanics of adventure and driving games.

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Sylvio is a story-driven mystery / horror FPS in the horrendous surroundings of Saginaw Family Park. It is inspired by David Lynch’s movies and the Silent Hill games.

Juliette Waters is an audio recordist, specialized in recording the voices of ghosts. In search for a good recording, she has trespassed into an old family park called Saginaw. The park has been closed to the public since a deadly storm in 1971. Unaware to her, there is an old curse dwelling in the forests of Saginaw. The curse was named Sylvio centuries ago by italian settlers

Kickstart this!

Battle Realms soll endlich auch auf Steam erscheinen.

(Robert Meissner) #4

Ohne DRM, etc? :open_mouth:


Jo, ist bekannt.


For Each Our Roads of Winter vom glorreichen Orihaus hätte gerne ein paar grüne Daumen.


Why Am I Dead At Sea is a mystery/adventure game with a twisted murder at its center. And you are the murder victim.

To understand why, you will need to inhabit the other residents of the ship and use them to investigate what led to your untimely demise.

Each combination of characters leads to a unique conversation based on the relationship those two characters have. Understand what makes your shipmates tick, and uncover the secrets that they hold.

Sieht obendrein wundervoll wie Mother 3 aus.


Thief Town is a multiplayer-only stealth action game set in a pixel-perfect rendition of the Wild West. Lurk in the crowd, emulate non-player characters, and achieve backstabbing victory.

Up to 4 players control identical avatars (the “Thieves”) in a single-screen arena (the “Town”), which is filled with other identical NPCs. Players must identify which NPCs are secretly other players and stab them for points, before being discovered and stabbed themselves!

Ist auch momentan Teil eines Bundles bei Groupees.


Die deutschen Entwickler von The Curious Expedition sammeln momentan für Steam grüne Daumen.


Ehemalige Wipeout-Entwickler arbeiten an einen Wipeout-ähnlichen Spiel namens “Formula Fusion”. Auch The Designers Republic ist beteiligt, die damals schon für das erste Wipeout Grafikzeug gemacht haben.

Auf Steam sammeln sie gerade grüne Leuchten.


Die PC-Version von Revolution 60 sucht auf Steam grüne Daumen.

Eins vorneweg: Ich finde das Spiel sieht furchtbar aus. So in der Richtung abschreckend-furchtbar-“ReBoot”-Neunziger-Jahre-Render-Serie. Aber ich habe bisher nur gutes über die iOS-Fassung gehört. So in der Richtung Mass-Effect-ohne-Ballern-und-mit-mehr-FemShep-Gutes. Hätte ich ein entsprechendes Apfel-Gerät, ich würde es sofort spielen wollen.

It’s a science fiction thriller that’s not afraid to take some convoluted twists on the way to the grand finale. It’s a game with a villain that’s trying to kill you one moment and professing her fascination with you in a most astounding way the next (you’ll see). It’s got all of the hallmarks of a great PC or console game, but it’s not in either of those places. (Quelle)

Die Patch Notes im AppStore zu Rev60 sind übrigens großartig:

  • Revolution 60 now runs iPhone 6 and 6+. Many cupcakes died to bring you this feature 24 hours after it was announced.
  • Revolution 60 now supports iOS 8! Stop emailing me.
  • So many people complained that [Reference not found] died, I made
    Amanda animate an ending possibility where she lives. Like a BOSS.
  • Crimson learned Asimov’s laws of robotics and now feels very bad.
  • Extra, secret scenes in the storage room with barrels, the most thrilling Revolution 60 set!
  • After three weeks of #gamergate nonsense, the women on the dev team were lifted to new levels of faith in humanity.

Schon grüngeleuchtet. Das ging schnell. :open_mouth:


This game is about real life. The main protagonist is you.

Called Reflections, the game is still in Greenlight mode on Steam. Even if the set-up sounds a little unusual, the game does look pretty interesting.

It’s another one of those walkabout games in which you explore your surroundings, pick up stuff, make decisions and move the story forward. You begin the game packing up your things to head out to college. The player explores and interacts. The story reacts to how the player moves objects around.

Developer Tristan Moore of Broken Window Studios explained to Polygon what else happens. “Interactions are all based around manipulating physics-driven objects, but we’re pushing hard to make each of these interactions meaningful,” he said. “You can do things like exploring your home, making repairs, cultivating the relationship with your friends and family, exploring your neighborhood or even just play games like basketball.”

As you complete interactions, objects become flushed with color. The player’s view of the world gradually changes from monochrome to vivid color.



Code 7 is our idea of a modern text adventure. It combines the text adventure genre with cinematic fully-voiced storytelling. You have to play to it to understand how well a text adventure can feel in 2015.
There already is an about one hour prologue finished that we’d like everyone to play completely free right now.


Kiai Resonance is a 2D versus fighting game for Windows.

You take part in multiplayer samurai combats where one hit off-guard is fatal, and several challenges to perfect your skills. The player can change his katana position at any time to adjust to his opponent’s, creating a mind game where you have to anticipate his next attack.

Gibt’s momentan beim IndieGameStand als Pay Watt Du Willst Pay What You Want.


A Light In Chorus is a first person puzzle-exploration game where you collage space, sound and light together to bring a series of ghostly and disjointed spaces back to life.

Solidify and evaporate space to form new paths through a series of overlapped worlds. Redefine your environment and uncover the secret lives of restless animals as they slowly materialise around you.


Nurture a small pot of succulents that grow in real time.

Viridi is a safe haven, a place you can return to for a moment of peace and quiet whenever you need it.

Ein meditativer Garten-Simulator von den Machern von Eidolon.


Stick Shift is an autoerotic night-driving game about pleasuring your gay car.

Wie @Nina schrieb:

Stick Shift ist damit mehr als nur ein Quell der Irritation. Es ist auf den zweiten Blick auch ein spielerischer Kommentar zu sozialer Stigmatisierung, sexuellem Konsens und der sich verändernden, zunehmend engeren Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Technik, die bereits in Tale of Tales‘ „Luxuria Superbia“ thematisiert wurde. So ist denn auch nicht auszuschließen, dass ein einsamer Hemdenträger dann und wann seine rechte Hand zärtlich über die nur anfänglich Kalte, harte Stange der Gangschaltung seines Autos gleiten lässt. Und beide in trauter Zweisamkeit über die Straßen in die Nacht entschwinden.


The Lion’s Song is a series of self-contained point & click short stories connected into an over-arching narrative. Set against the backdrop of early 20th century Austria every story shows a perspective on one of history’s most exciting times for being a creator.

In each episode players will take on the role of a fictive person from the circles around famous Austrian visionaries such as Freud, Klimt and Schrödinger. Players will experience the days and hours prior to these persons’ greatest accomplishments - the last push, that last struggle. The stories show pride, jealousy, misery, apprehension and the power of encouragement through friends, family and serendipitous encounters.

Hach, sieht das schön aus! :heart:


Block’hood is a city-building simulator that celebrates the diversity and experimentation of cities. You will have full access to 80+ building blocks to create and combine unique neighborhoods, and discover the hidden inhabitants of each combination.

The game will embark in a story of ecology, understanding how resources are needed to unlock new configurations and allow prosperous neighborhoods. You will need to avoid the decay of your city block by making sure each unit doesn’t run out of Resources.


A sci-fi noir, a mystery, a first person puzzle game. Reset is infused with mind boggling puzzles, a grippingly haunting but beautiful story and an unparalleled immersive atmosphere. The unique game mechanic in Reset is the ability to travel back in time to solve puzzles co-operatively with yourself.