Ist Super Mario Run die Zukunft für mobile Gaming?

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Lesenswert: “Nintendo’s soul-searching on F2P

This felt, at the time, like a bold attempt by Nintendo to use the power of its intellectual property to push for serious change in the mobile market. With a tiny handful of notable exceptions (Minecraft and, well, that’s about it really), premium games have made no inroads in the mobile space as the F2P model has extended its dominance. […]

As a result, it’s a little surprising to see Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima describing revenues from Super Mario Run as being below expectations. […] Did Nintendo actually believe that the Mario IP and the Nintendo brand - as powerful and valuable as they are - would be sufficient to reform a mature and highly settled market like mobile gaming overnight? […]

Nintendo is perhaps the only company in the world capable of taking on the task of changing mobile gaming - not of “defeating” F2P (which does not need defeating, and as Fire Emblem Heroes and countless other games show, can be an excellent model for the right game and audience), but of introducing a sustainable alternative business model that eschews micro-transactions entirely.

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Gamesbiz bleibt skeptisch: “Nintendo’s disappointing year on mobile

When you look a bit more closely at Nintendo’s mobile titles, you start to see a deeper issue; while the company has grasped the core concept of needing not just to slap its IP on any old title, but rather to distil the key things that people love about its games into a form that works on mobile, it’s actually not very good at that process yet. Nintendo’s mobile games to date have been exceptionally polished and accomplished, but they just haven’t really been compelling to play for very long. In the even more inexcusable case of Animal Crossing, they haven’t actually been very much fun.

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Ja, geht mir ähnlich. Andersherum spiele ich auf dem Telefon zwischendurch und immer kurz (<10 min). Der Nintendo Kritiker sagt: Die haben es nicht hingekriegt, die Fanboys sagen: Nintendo weiß, was bei mobile gaming wichtig ist.

Also: Passt scho’ :+1::kissing_heart:

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Spielt das hier denn jemand?