Interessante Funde bei Immer her damit! :point_up:

#Marlowe’s Path

This is a game about navigating the stars. Track pulsars, and tunnel through the bulk using wormholes.

(Eric) #2

Eine Superlevel itchio-Collection wäre vielleicht auch ganz cool…

Wie dem auch sei, Stoaway ist ziemlich toll:


##The Endless Express

Oh no, I fell asleep on the train… Where am I?


#Maybe We’re Magic

Your psychedelic rock band, Maybe We’re Magic, is on tour across the galaxy. Unfortunately, your ethereal sound has attracted the attention of the IGMPD, the Inter-Galactic Magic Police Department.
They are in hot pursuit, but no one will be stopping this magical rock tour.


#Black Gold

Have a cold beer with an old friend under the warm Texas stars.


#POOL [of DOOM!]

POOL is an arcade first-person arena shooter inspired by Doom, Quake, and a particular cue sport. Either you knock the balls into the pockets, or balls knock you into a pocket.


…das erinnert mich extrem an eine gemoddete Version von Doom, die von 1997 bis 2013 im ZKM Karlsruhe ausgestellt wurde, in der man im lokalen Multiplayer auf andere Smiley-Spieler Wasserbomben wurf. :open_mouth:

So sah übrigens die Station aus; Screenshots finde ich gerade leider keine:

(Constantin) #8

(Eric) #9

Starlight ist schön:

((pixeldorado)) #10

Supercontinent Ltd.

Futuristisches Kurzspiel für ID-Hacker und Vieltelefonierer.

Haut dabei atmosphärisch in dieselbe Kerbe wie:
The Last Night



#Starbound Drifters

Cowboys & demons in the unknown in between /// Made for Mystic Western Game Jam 2016




In Nongon you will explore a procedurally generated, abstract, low-poly world, searching for the 4 nongon shards to return to altars in the Cathedral. Jump, climb, and wallrun to traverse the environment and collect the nongon shards.


#The Monster in Me

When the world has gone to hell and society is falling apart, it is
those around you that keep you going. But when circumstances get grim,
tough decisions have to be made! Can you keep the fragile bonds of
friendship in tact and hold on to those you need to survive?The Monster in Me
is a choice-consequence game set in a post-apocalyptic world. It
explores the relationship between three friends as they are thrown into
stressful situations that test their friendship. As well as branching
content the game remembers each decision you make and has multiple
endings based on them. These choices don’t just change the course of the
story, but also influences the fragile relationships you have with
those around you.


#Picky Pop

Picky the cat and Pop the bear have entrusted you with their precious pieces.
Pick carefully and then pop 'em, baby! Just don’t crowd the board, or Picky and Pop will need to have a word with you!

((pixeldorado)) #16

Escape from an isolated, totalitarian nation modelled after North Korea in Suppressed, a visual novel and 2D platform game.

This game has images of explicit violence and death

(Tom B) #17

stellt sich die Frage, ob man diese expliziten Bilder hier dann posten muss… :frowning:

((pixeldorado)) #18

Danke für den guten Einwand.
Ich glaube, dass ich darauf hinweisen wollte, dass es sich eben nicht nur um einen zweitklassigen Platformer handelt, sondern durchaus eindringliche Zwischensequenzen darunter sind.

Nur halte ich mich für sehr empfindsam, den “That Dragon, Cancer” und selbst “Shelter” schnell überfordern könnten und hatte daher keine Bedenken, wenn Andere die Bilder sehen.





SUPERNATURAL is a phenomenon. That’s a fact. No matter what kind
of monster - No matter what kind of classic rock song… Sam & Dean
will blast em! This is exactly what this FANGAME is about.
Play as Sam or Dean in a classic Jump n Gun n Slash!

  • Fight against all famous SUPERNATURAL enemies!
  • Upgrade to better weapons like Angel Knifes or THE Colt! 
  • Drive to new haunted locations in Deans black Impala! 
  • Investigate crime scenes in Point & Click levels!