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Ein Thread für hippe Spiele, die auf Kickstarter, Indiegogo und anderen Crowdfunding-Plattformen Geld sammeln.

Soweit ich das richtig verstehe, will Solarix ein grusliges Science-Fiction-Schleichspiel werden im Stile eines Deus Ex, System Shock und Thief.

Splee & Glob ist ein knallbuntes Co-Op-Tower-Defense-Spiel aus deutschen Landen und von freilaufenden Spiele-Entwicklern.

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Gute Idee. (In Einzelfällen mache ich dann ggf. eigene Themen daraus.)

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Dagegen. :wink:

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Jotun is an action-exploration game for PC and Mac that takes you on an epic journey through Viking purgatory.


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Ihr habt meine Erlaubnis, “Cavern Kings” aka. “Shovel Kings” zu unterstützen:

Es ist ein relativ schwieriger Plattform-Shooter, in dem man fiese Würmer und ähnliches Gesocks abschießt, während man Edelsteine sammelt, um Upgrades zu kaufen.

“Super Crate Box” in unfies. Spielt eine der alten Demos. Es ist super.


$2,500 goal

Sehr sympathisch zwischen den ganzen Dreihundertmilliardendollar-Projekten.

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^ Schon, aber man fragt sich auch wie weit jemand mit sowenig Geld kommt.

Anyway: Ein paar langjährigen Freunde vom Elysian Shadows Team haben eine Kickstarter Kampagne für Ihr Dreamcast RPG gestartet und freuen sich über jeden Support:


As of writing this, the game is roughly 80% complete and I need a little help to cross the finish line. As the sole developer for Cavern Kings, I’ll need a bit of cash to help with polishing the game and getting it in tip-top shape for release.

This Kickstarter campaign was primarily created to commission outside help and I don’t really expect to see any of the money for myself. All the funding on this project will go directly to the musician, artist, Steam Greenlight, and development of stretch goals!

Ich mutmaße auch, dass die Hoffnung ist, dass das sich ansammelnde Geld über das Ziel hinaus gehen wird.

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Guter Punkt.

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‘Polish’ ist vielleicht etwas missverständlich formuliert… “Almost all of the money from the funding goal is going straight to the musician, illustrator, PR guy, and purchase of export modules to support more platforms.”


Bolt Riley, ein Reggae-Point&Click-Adventure, versucht es ein zweites Mal.


Schickes Adventure! (das irgendjemand schon irgendwo hier gepostet hat, glaube ich. Ich bin nur gerade zu faul zum suchen.)


Der Kickstarter zu The Sun Also Rises ist online.

A Multiplayer Narrative Adventure that explores the Global War on Terror through stories based on U.S. Soldiers, their families and people from Afghanistan. The Sun Also Rises focuses on empathizing with human struggle and portrays a side of war that is often overlooked.

Passive multiplayer: the decisions you make in game are saved in the cloud and affect the gameplay for future players.

We want to weave a broad tapestry of the diverse issue of war. These include PTSD and lack of treatment, reintegration of soldiers into everyday life, the interactions between soldiers and civilians, sexual assault in the military, the indoctrination of children into the Taliban, the difficulties of being part of the U.S. Military’s chain of command, and many more. As we continue to research and hear peoples’ stories, the stories we tell in TSAR will grow and expand.
The main vignettes we plan to focus on right now follow three characters experiencing the war in very different ways.


In a nutshell, Hard West is a turn-based squad tactical with adventurous world exploration. Think X-Com combat with Heroes of Might and Magic world map.


Ein geplantes Buch über die Geschichte von Handy-Spielen von 1998 (Snake) bis 2008 (Start des App-Store). Kling interessant.


Die Entwicklerin PIXELATEDCROWN macht super hübsche und ungewöhnliche Spiele. Sie sammelt Geld auf Patreon.


A book that celebrates the Super Famicom’s greatest games and box art, from obscurities to classics.

After accumulating a personal collection of hundreds of complete, boxed Super Famicom games over the years, I wanted to share my collection with others. I’ve been playing the games since my teens and before I get any older I’d like to create something special for other retro gamers like me! As well as playing and collecting SFC games, I’m also a professional graphic designer with over a decade’s experience in the industry. Visual design is a huge part of my life, so creating a book is nothing new to me but designing a book of my own collection to share with others is an incredibly exciting prospect.


A musical Action Roguelike of epic proportions! Two friends, with an extreme love for music, set out on a quest to become rock stars! But, what they thought would be a simple road trip to fame soon turned into an intergalactic fight for their lives!

Band Saga is a modern Action Roguelike where every level, enemy and item is generated by music. Furthermore, every melody and every sound is synthesized in real time as you play! Each new area explored will unlock new sounds, items and the ability to modify and sequence them musically in Band Saga’s built-in FM Sequencer reminiscent of the Sega Genesis! When the protagonists visit a new city on Earth they are confronted with a new space Roguelike adventure! Each city unlocks a pre-made soundtrack that generates the Roguelike’s level design. As you progress through the world of Band Saga you will learn to modify sounds and the soundtrack itself to shape the level to your advantage and enjoyment! Advanced players will be able to design and create their own soundtrack!

Von Rock Paper Shotgun sehr passend als “The Binding Of Scott Pilgrim” beschrieben. (Ich liebe das Scott-Pilgrim-Spiel übrigens sehr! <3 )