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Juliette Waters is an audio recordist, specialized in recording the voices of ghosts. In search for a good recording, she has trespassed into an old family park called Saginaw. The park has been closed to the public since a deadly storm in 1971. Unaware to her, there is an old curse dwelling in the forests of Saginaw. A curse named Sylvio centuries ago by italian settlers.

Hatte ich schon bei “Greenlight this!”. Jetzt sammelt der Entwickler Geld für den letzten Push und PR.


A videogame developer’s love letter to his son; an adventure game to inspire us to love each other; a voice for those fighting cancer.

“That Dragon, Cancer” ist ein Spiel, auf das ich schon lange gespannt bin, aber auch Schwierigkeiten habe, mich damit zu beschäftigen, weil es mich so traurig macht. Es ist nämlich ein Spiel, in dem ein Vater die Krebs-Erkrankung seines Sohnes thematisiert.

Jenn Frank hat dazu damals einen großartigen Artikel geschrieben:

I am searching the screen with my cursor when I remember the demo is supposed to end with the words “thank you.” And I realize I’ve just heard these words, and I take my hand away from the mouse and squirm out of the expensive noise-canceling headphones, and now I am staring at Josh Larson.

Josh is here – was he always here? – with a clipboard and pen. He’s going to take my feedback. I think he’s been taking my feedback.

How long have I been sitting here?

“Okay,” I tell him. I wrack my brain. “I… don’t think I’ve ever played a videogame that takes place in the ICU before.”

I give Josh Larson my design notes. I am clinical with my thoughts and suggestions. I answer Josh’s questions.

Now Josh has another question for me. “Did you understand that the game is supposed to be hopeful?”

I answer yes, and I am explaining why, and this is when it finally catches up with me. I burst into tears.

Ryan Greens Sohn ist während der Entwicklung des Spiels gestorben.

“Jesus, I can’t even watch this,” the man sitting next to me whispered, fidgeting in his seat. The screen in front of us played a home video of an infant child named Joel Green, gurgling happily as he played with a bunch of golden retriever puppies.


Nochmal “That Dragon, Cancer”:

Being with Joel was the thing. It was so obvious once he was gone, that
what we would all desperately miss was just being with him. We wouldn’t
miss the drama, the ups and downs, the medical procedures, but we would
give anything just to hold him and hear him laugh again. (Q)


Der obige Trailer zu Crossing Souls hat mich sehr beeindruckt. Unglaublich tolle Pixel Art auf dem Level eines Hyper Light Drifter und großartige Achtziger-Jahre-mäßige Synthie-Mucke à la Danger und Kavinsky.

Crossing Souls is a vibrant action-adventure game about a group of neighborhood buddies that set out on a quest to save their town and our world from government conspirators and shadowy forces. Switch between these unassuming heroes on the fly to take advantage of each one’s unique attacks and abilities as you battle local authorities, evil specters, and creatures of unknown origin! Collect clues from around town and jump between two realms to solve the mysteries enveloping your quiet suburban home before all is lost!

Ich. will. das. spielen!


Eben bei Superlevel gesehen: Ron Gilbert macht jetzt auch Kickstarter. Und will mit Thimbleweed Park sowas wie Maniac Mansion nochmal machen. Öhm. Schon wieder ein alter Mann der seinen alten Kram nochmal machen will.

Keine Begeisterung bei mir. Ich liebe, liebe, liebe, liebe Monkey Island sehr, aber das ist mir zu… retro? Für Maniac Mansion war ich zu spät drin und konnte ich mich da auch nicht reinfinden, vielleicht liegt es ja daran. Könnte sein, dass dieser Maniac-Mansion-Look für mich veraltet ist. Oder ich sehne mich heutzutage nach Adventures, die, auch wenn sie mit Pixeln daherkommen, etwas modernes an sich haben. (Bestes Beispiel: Double Fines und Tim Schafers Broken Age)


Du hast recht. Er hat einfach keinen guten 2D-Artist. Nur weil etwas retro sein soll, muss man nicht ignorieren, dass heutzutage auch bei Pixellook einfach mehr möglich ist.


An alien abduction mystery adventure game following two siblings as they search for their brother in the humid haze of 1970’s Alabama.

It is not difficult to point to the primary source of inspiration for the game’s storyline: an unabiding love for science fiction. Its alien abduction mystery especially is born from a fondness for the X-Files and stories of its ilk, as well as a childhood fascination with alien abduction accounts. That said, To Azimuth is a story that is akin to this genre, but isn’t beholden to it. Its inspirations are many, and the hope is that it will be able to sit alongside its influences without attempting to imitate them.

Setting the game in Alabama was a decision made due to personal ties to the region and a complicated relationship with Alabama in particular. The era was chosen primarily due to a certain affinity for 1970’s sci-fi, but also because of the social backdrop that the time period provides. 1978 finds Alabama fourteen years removed from the Civil Rights Act but still in turmoil regarding its history and its place in a world quickly becoming more connected, creating a tension that factors into and informs the game’s narrative.

Erinnert mich wohlig an Kentucky Route Zero.


In Last Year you’ll experience the nightmare together as you and 5 friends struggle to survive against one player that’s playing as the Killer. Explore familiar territory based on classic horror movie locations including Camp Silver Lake and East Side High. You’ll play the roles of 5 stereotypical high school characters while co-operating to complete objectives and survive.

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Patreon this!

Glorious Leader! is a satirical 16-bit run ‘n’ gun. Take up the mantle of Kim Jong Un as you battle the entire American Army.

Help us design two bonus missions to test the player’s mettle. Take down Sony. Shoot hoops with your buddies. Whatever you dream up.

Many have speculated over how the Glorious Leader can be harmed by man-made weapons. The short answer: basketball. The Kim dynasty has always been fascinated by the imperialist’s only beneficial contribution to the world, but they have never been able to participate because of their godlike powers.


Das farbenfrohe Drift Stage sammelt gerade goldene Ringe auf Kickstarter.

Drift Stage is a modern take on the classic arcade racer. Paying homage to the eras that birthed the genre, Drift Stage features a unique art style, blending pixel art and 3D models to create a colorful and vibrant world to race in. Focusing on easy to pick up gameplay with enough depth to keep dedicated race fans satisfied, Drift Stage hopes to bring back the blend of pure fun and challenge that was a staple of arcade classics.

Sega-Fans greifen zu, alle anderen vergehen in einer Supernova der Glückseligkeit.

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Das ist der beste Kickstarter, den ich je gesehen habe.

Risks and challenges

In 2014, around 60 million people died on Earth. There is a low but persistent risk the STRAFE® team may also suffer untimely brutal deaths and be unable to deliver the game to backers.

Beyond that, there is risk in meeting the release date. STRAFE® is on target for early 2016. However, STRAFE® will never be released unfinished, so there is potential for a delay due to unforeseen extenuating circumstances.

STRAFE® can say with absolute certainty that North Korea will not prevent this release, no matter how extreme or legitimate their threats.

The insanely detailed worlds of STRAFE®: From concept art to breathtaking reality.

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Haha, genau das wollte ich eben auch posten. Der Trailer ist klasse. :smile:


Children of Morta is a story-driven hack ‘n slash roguelike game which will involve you in the adventures of the Bergson family.



Starr Mazer blends two classic genres, the Point-and-Click Adventure and Classic-style Shoot ‘Em Up, into a retro-sexy sci-fi epic with modern design sensibilities, open-middled gameplay and RPG elements.


Wollte hier nochmal den Werbespot zu Strafe reinkleben, da man ja Kickstarter-Videos hier nicht mehr einbinden kann, ohne das sie autostarten. :confused:


Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire is an episodic turn-based tactics RPG set on a world that has fallen into a medieval dark age after the collapse of space faring civilisation.

Erinnert mich stark an The Banner Saga

Tahira’s combat is inspired by childhoods spent secretly playing Gameboy games such as Fire Emblem, Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics under the covers. As well as more modern titles like XCOM: Enemy Unknown and The Banner Saga.

Ah, okay!

Toejam and Earl is finally back! We’re goin’ indie, and old skool like GAME ONE, with a fun retro-comics style, and plenty of funk!


Chainmail Bikini is an anthology of comics by and about female gamers! 40 cartoonists have contributed 200+ pages of all new stories about the games they’re passionate about—from video games to table-top role-playing to collectible card games. Help us pay for the printing costs and reward the artists by pre-ordering the book!


Synonymy is an educational, non-profit word game narrated by Richard Dawkins that challenges players to find the paths between random words through their network of synonyms. By taking the synonym of a word, and then a synonym of that synonym, and so on, you can ultimately arrive at any other word in a language.

This fundraising campaign is to help finance the inclusion of foreign languages in the game : Japanese, French, Chinese, Spanish, German and possibly more depending on the success of the campaign.

Das Spiel ist zwar schon längst draußen (z.B. bei Steam), aber man sammelt Geld für andere Sprachen.