Kickstart this!

(Kevin) #83

Naja, geklappt hat es leider nicht, aber glücklicherweise scheinen sie einen Plan zu haben:

Because we didn’t reach our goal, it looks like we might have to release the game in an episodic format—in two parts. We’re planning to launch the first half around October and the second half later as a free update. This allows us to start receiving revenue from the game while we’re working on polishing the second half.


(Benjamin Jessat) #84

Pauldron: Shield of the King

…you can think this game as the “Love child of Chrono Trigger and Game of Thrones, raised by a pack of wild rogue-likes!”

Eine iOS / Android-Version ist ab 40.000$ geplant, kann ich mir sehr gut vorstellen bei dem was man dort liest und sieht.

(Pat86) #85

Twin Stick Shooter in edelstem 16-Bit Pixel Look. :heart_eyes:


Ja, sehr nice. Hoffentlich packen die das.

(Pat86) #87

Einerseits schreit mein 6 Jähriges Ich GEEEEEEIL
Andererseits sieht es aus wie ein billiges Mobile Game.

(Benjamin Jessat) #88

(Könnt ihr mich kurz aufklären, wie ihr die embedded Videos von Kickstarter hier einfügt? Bei meinem Beitrag etwas weiter oben, hab ich es nicht geschafft… #Neuland)


Eigentlich musst du lediglich den Kickstarter-Link reinkopieren. Der wird dann automatisch in den Player umgewandelt.

(Benjamin Jessat) #90

Hmm, habe ich eigentlich genau so gemacht, gerade nochmal ein bisschen herumeditiert, da funktionierte es auch nicht.
Macht nix, gehört hier nicht hin. :video_game:


We, the Aquanox Development team, consisting of Digital Arrow and Nordic Games, want to bring back the Aquanox-series. We have a joint vision on how to re-imagine the unique underwater gameplay of Aquanox and you can help us shape that vision. With your help we can create a game unlike any other out there, and you can truly impact the development of the game early on!


Distress is a branching visual novel inspired by the likes of Silent Hill, Snatcher, and Mass Effect. Trapped in a city filled with deadly creatures and a ruthless militarized task force controlled by a shadowy administrator, you’ll have to use your wits and make tough decisions in order to survive. You’re responsible not just for your own life, but the lives of your crew as well. Make your choices. Live with the consequences. Good luck.

U.a. von Javy Gwaltney, der mit The Terror Aboard The Speedwell eines meiner Spiele-Highlights aus dem letzten Jahr gemacht hat.

(Daniel) #93

Spaceteam is a fast-paced, cooperative shouting card game where you work together to repair a malfunctioning spaceship. Coordination with your team is crucial as you try to escape an impending black hole. Success is seemingly just out of reach as you encounter one complication after another. Your only hope is to work together with your Spaceteam to repair the ship before it’s too late.


You are a dog, lost in a sprawling and unfamiliar city. You wander the streets, searching for scraps, for shelter, for a friendly face. Slowly, you overcome some of your fears. You learn where you can snag a meaty bone, where you can sleep warm and safe at night. Strange streets become familiar territory. One by one, the streets become yours. You find friends. Eventually, maybe, home.

Home Free is an open-world action-RPG starring a dog lost in a sprawling, randomly generated city. Use your canine abilities to explore this strange, sometimes hostile environment and find your place in the world.

(Pat86) #95

Das gabs doch schon auf der PS2 in schön: Dog’s Life.


Oh ja, daran musste ich auch denken! Eines der schönen Spiele, die mir damals die GEE nahe gebracht hat und die ich (mangels PS2) irgendwann gerne nachholen möchte.

(Pat86) #97


"CONSORTIUM: The Tower", der Nachfolger des ersten Consortium, scheint eine spannende Mischung aus Deus Ex (ein 0451-Spiel eine Immersive Sim mit vielen Freiheiten für den Spieler) und Undertale zu werden (Man kann Konflikte ohne Waffengewalt und mit Gesprächen lösen).

The experience of The Tower is one of absolute freedom of movement, speech and action, within a single-location, sandbox environment. There will be no cut scenes, and full control will never be taken away for “gamey” reasons. Immersion is absolutely paramount, and to that end the world within the Tower will feel realistically alive and reactive to however you choose to approach each and every situation.

We aim to simulate not just the Churchill Tower, but the people inside it and the world around it. In many ways, we are striving to realize the “One City Block RPG” idea purposed by Warren Spector.

Discover the source of an unnatural earthquake originating from below the Tower. Find out what’s really behind the Tower’s malfunctioning builder nanites. Befriend or manipulate the London Police to your advantage, or have them turn against you. Attempt to uncover the truth about the Consortium King (a sentient A.I., and the source of our connection to their world), his creator, the terrorists, your crew, and the Tower itself. Even gain the attention of a mysterious benefactor whose “alternative” ideas and perspectives will begin to make you question your definitions of “friend” and “foe.”

(Marja) #99

Wow :smiley:


Dujanah is a digital game for PC Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It is an interactive narrative with a focus on exploration set in a fictional Islamic majority country that has an occupying military force. The protagonist and player character is a woman called Dujanah who has grievances with the intervening forces. During the game the player will encounter various moral, psychological and political dilemmas.

For those who may be concerned about a Scot fellow making a game in a fictional Islamic setting, King Spooner had a few words of reassurance when I spoke to him on the matter: “As with all my games, I have spent time researching and talking with people relevant to the subject and I plan to continue doing so, should the funding be successful…I’m not interested in maintaining the ideological and symbolic ‘otherness’ that many media decisions exacerbate.” (Quelle)


Hover Junkers is a multiplayer focused flying platform shooting game built from the ground up exclusively for VR WITH TRACKED CONTROLS ONLY. Choose your ship based on your room scale play area, enter into multiplayer combat areas to claim scrap/loot, and have shootouts against enemy player junkers. Using scrap as defenses against incoming fire, you can physically dodge, hide, and shoot from behind the cover of your ship’s defenses.


Fabulous Beasts is a game for one to five players who take on the role of gods, taking turns to add magical Artefacts onto a balancing tower.

Every time you successfully stack an Artefact, you alter the connected digital world. The aim is to make the most fabulous world you can, before your tower collapses.

Fabulous Beasts is brought to you by an experienced team of game designers, artists and engineers including Alex Fleetwood (Hide&Seek) and George Buckenham (Wild Rumpus, Panoramical).

Interessante Mischung aus physischen und digitalen Spiel. Und ganz besonders wichtig:

The soundtrack for the game is being created by Disasterpeace.